Legends of Girona

Legends of Girona

The legends, fables and stories are popular chronicles the life of the city. Girona has, and many, then you can read some: In the street of Las Ramblas and Silverware The Tarlà . Well known that the doll is suspended each year for the Spring Festival or Fair. According to tradition he was an acrobat who entertained the residents of Argenteria street during a quarantine by an epidemic. A modern addition explains his love affair with the daughter of a baker. During a visit to his beloved, when her father arrived, he hid in a sack of flour until it was done sneezing xui-xui. To avoid the blows of the father of the girl, she promised to marry her and the recipe for a pastry: xuixo is the sweet typical of Girona, recalling the so called away sneeze.

Girona amorous

The square of the Old Mail
Geryon . The legendary foundation of Girona is attributed to a giant, Geryon, who had three heads or three, angry because Hercules had stolen his herd of cattle came up from the Pillars of Hercules to Girona where eventually he built the walls of Geriona triangle, Gerunda, … in the Cathedral Towhead . His tomb is inside the cathedral. The Count of Barcelona had two twin sons: Ramon Berenguer and Berenguer Ramon (Towhead). The count was transmitted counties of Barcelona, Girona and Vic, the two brothers with the obligation to govern them together. One day he had gone hunting Berenguer killed his brother and hid the body, but the hawk Towhead stayed weeping by his master until he heard a peasant and brought the body to Girona . During the funeral, the hawk flew into the cathedral and the choir that accompanied the act of unintentionally repeating “Cain killed Abel.” A falcon carved on the door of St. Michael, way to the treasury in the cloister and this legend. Gardens of the French La Bruja . A witch threw stones at the people who attended the numerous processions which took place in Girona. Corpus Christi Day, when she was about to throw a stone, a voice echoed throughout the city saying: “If stones strips, tiraràs stones and stone you will become.” And so, although she can be seen that turned the spout is in the ambulatory of the Cathedral. Archaeological Walk The Golden Ox . The Jewish cemetery of Montjuïc was called Golden Ox to a mythical golden ox, according to legend, the Jews were buried. If someone touched inevitably end up in hell. One night two young boys, some happy, they found a man who promised to bring them to the gold bull. It was the devil, and they were about to touch the treasure, they pray to the Virgin that he blew, transporting them to different parts of the city. One of them grabbed the pointed steeple of St. Feliu, and have become responsible for having him beheaded. Church of Sant Feliu San Narciso and flies . The tomb and chapel of the patron saint of Girona reminds us of the traditional legends of the city during one of the many sieges which the city has suffered. According to medieval chronicles, in 1285, Girona was surrounded by French troops and a group of stalkers has entered the church of Sant Feliu, then outside the wall. The body of the martyr bishop left big flies annoying that caused death to the French troops and their horses. Before this unforeseen and miraculous French troops retreat, and since then every time the city was seen involved in a new war, the invocation of Saint Narcissus and his flies were recurrent, and not always wishes were true. Plaza Sant Feliu The lioness . There is a popular saying: if you go to Girona you can kiss the ass of the lioness. It is an easy way to express the desire to return to the city, stay there forever or to become a citizen, and must say it is not considered a good Girona who have not completed the ritual. We are the only place where the public is achieved in a very straightforward, kiss the ass of a lioness.

Legend of the Witch of the Cathedral

Legend of Golden Ox

Cul Llegenda of the Lleona

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